McDonald's Shamrock Shake Helps Chicago River Turn Green


If you've been to Chicago, you've seen the Chicago River which winds through the city. There's bridges, tour boats and lots of scenic views. And the water gets turned green each year for St. Patrick's day. This year, Leo Burnett added a twist by placing a giant plastic McDonald's Shamrock Shake cup alongside the river. The installation made it appear as if the contents of the cup had spilled into the river.

by Steve Hall    Mar-19-10    
Topic: Guerilla, Outdoor

English Rugby Stars Play World's Largest Game of Poker


If you're a bored rugby player who likes to play poker, you'd probably find yourself in a commercial like this one for, the official gaming and casino partner of the English rugby team.

The brand grabbed rugby stars James Haskell, Ben Foden and Delon Armitage to play the world's largest game of poker. And large it is.

by Steve Hall    Mar- 8-10    
Topic: Guerilla

Giant Camera Takes Giant Picture


Cameras can't possibly get any smaller, right? Well, they can but that's not the point here. No. We're talking about big cameras. Giant cameras . Cameras so big you have to jump on the shutter button to take a picture.

To hype the Samsung Nx11 camera, specially designed for the "creative class," Cheil World Wide created a gigantic camera made out off a shipping container. Once a picture was taken, it would display on an equally gigantic screen located atop a building across the street.

by Steve Hall    Mar- 8-10    
Topic: Guerilla

Tropicana Turns Inuvik Sunlight Stunt Into Ad Campaign


So...this is a month and a half late...sort of. On January 8, Tropicana brought sunlight to Inuvik in Canada's Northwest Territories which doesn't see any sun for months at a time. A helium balloon emitting 100,000 lumens was lit and floated above the town.

The event has been turned into a campaign, entitled Brighter Mornings or Brighter Days, which will launch after the Olympic closing ceremonies Sunday. The campaign will touts the brand's new Tropicana Essentials Orange Juice.

BBDO Toronto cretad the campaign and the spot, "Artic Sun", was directed by Samir Mallal via Film Group, Vancouver and Radke Film Group, Toronto.

Very nice work.

by Steve Hall    Feb-26-10    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials, Guerilla

KLM Levitates, Toyota Won't Stop Advertising


- While the dude probably has an incredibly string piece of mettle running up his pant leg, this levitation stunt by Dutch magician Ramana for KLM is impressive. No matter how he does it, it's gotta take a certain amount of stamina.

- Saatchi & Saatchi wants Toyota to stop advertising until its current recall drama has subsided. Toyota isn't listening and will continue to advertise.

- So here's a :30 Pedigree commercial extended to 1:50 because the whole thing is in slow motion. It's kinda beautiful. Much more so than normal speed. Then again, that's what the slo-mo cheat offers.

- Guys, want to learn how to be an alpha male and get what you want out of life? Even your best friend's girlfriend? Les Singer has the answer.

by Steve Hall    Feb-23-10    
Topic: Agencies, Brands, Guerilla

Bubble Wrap Applied to Insurance Claim Happy Street


This could be fun for those of you who love to pop bubble wrap. This Wednesday, for client, London-based agency will cover an entire street in Worcester with bubble wrap in an effort to highlight the horrible weather the region has been having over the past month and the number of insurance claims that have been made. The residents of the street in question have been identified as being on the street with one of the highest number of claims in the last five years.

Hmm. Way to slam your customers. Hopefully, we'll have shots of the event when it occurs. Maybe if they just handed out bubble wrap bikinis like the one pictured, everyone would become distracted from the weather-related damage and stop making claims.

OK, OK. We admit it. That was a total stretch just to post a picture of a woman in a bikini.

by Steve Hall    Jan-26-10    
Topic: Guerilla

Coke Machine Delivers Happiness to College Students


Now this is fun. This is happiness. This is Coke's Happiness Machine. definition6 placed a Coke machine in the middle of a college campus. But this wasn't your standard Coke Machine. No. Aside from delivering a Coke - or three, or ten - the machine, with help form an actual human inside, dispensed pizza, balloons and a 20 foot long sub.

Now that's happiness.

by Steve Hall    Jan-13-10    
Topic: Guerilla

Who Says You Can't put A Car in A Shopping Cart?


Just how easy is it to buy an Alfa Romeo? So easy you can just place it in a shopping cart and be on your way. And that's exactly what Duval Guillaume did in Belgium's shopping centers for the Alfa Romeo MiTo.

by Steve Hall    Jan-13-10    
Topic: Guerilla

If You're Luggage Looks Like Leg, Make Sure You Claim It


So you just got off the plane from a long flight and you're heading to baggage claim. It's the most boring, mundane aspect of leaving the airport. Everyone stands around for what seems forever waiting for the carousel to start turning. There's nothing to do except wait and wait and wait.

But wait! Not anymore. Now you can watch ads tumble onto the carousel while you wait for your own bags to arrive. Dutch Customs Authority created several packages with messages on them urging people to make sure they properly declare their wares. Especially if it appears to be a body part.

Yet another surface defaced by advertising. What next? People's foreheads? Oh wait.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 7-10    
Topic: Guerilla, Specialty

Yawn. Lingerie Brands Lets Voyeurs Stare at Hot Babe For Ten Days


We'd be remiss in our reportage of sex-laced advertising if we didn't inform you of this French Aubade lingerie campaign created by Chainsaw which has a woman pimping the lingerie from an apartment above a busy street where passersby can watch her silhouette behind a window curtain. And when she's done prancing around in the room, she unveils herself (point for product shot) and then closes the blinds revealing the brand name (point for actual information transferal).

And that's it (point for salaciously gratuitous post for the day).

by Steve Hall    Jan- 5-10    
Topic: Guerilla, Racy

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