Samsung Thought to be Behind 'Wake Up' Protest


A YouTube video from Blunty captured a potest a few days ago outside an Apple store in Sydney, Australia. A black bus with "Wak Up" written on the side pulled up and out poured a group of black-clad protesters with signs which read, "Wake Up." The protesters proceeded to stand in front of the Apple store and shout "wake up!"

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by Steve Hall    Apr-26-12    
Topic: Guerilla

Chevy Sonic Robot Helps Make Street Art


So far the Chevy Sonic has been promoted by being tossed out of a plane, creating a music video, performing a kick flip and doing a bungee jump. Now it's being promoted witha a bit more mundane but equally interesting tactic; street art. More exactly, Chevy teamed with street artist Jeff Soto to outfit a Sonic with a robot that would help Soto create a mural. The end result is pretty inspiring.

by Steve Hall    Apr-25-12    
Topic: Guerilla

TNT Brings Drama to Belgium With Brilliant Stunt


This is totally amazing! To launch and hype the intensity of drama that can be found on TNT in Belgium, the cable channel, with help from the ever talented Duval Guillaume, placed a big red push button in a Flemish square in a Flemish town. A sign next to the button read, "Push to add drama." And drama is exactly what button pushers got. Simply a must see. Brilliant work.

Sadly, if a stunt were pulled in America, it's highly likely it would be misunderstood for a terrorist attack and actual (as opposed to staged) drama would occur.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-11-12    
Topic: Guerilla

Man Collides With Giant Mountain Dew Balloon


Only in advertising. Yup. Only in advertising do you get stunts like this one from Mountain Dew. With help from BBDO Toronto and production company The Corner Store, Mountain Dew has created a duel between a man and a gigantic balloon filled with Mountain Dew. Like a drunken college stunt, you have a man tethered to one crane and a balloon filled with Mountain Dew tethered to another. You can guess what happens next.

Actually, you don't have too guess. Just watch the video.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-11-12    
Topic: Guerilla

Cake Improves Mood of Brits


Hoping to bring happiness to Brits who, like those of us in the U.S., are a bit down due to the depressed economy, bad mortgages, high gas prices and general economic nastiness, cake maker Mr. Kipling created 19 Cake-To-Go dispensers at bus stops that offered free cake to anyone who wanted a piece. How nice.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-22-12    
Topic: Guerilla, Outdoor

Fake Auto Boots Promote Parking App at SXSW


This SXSW coverage is brought to you by Red Square Agency. The agency that also brought you Frappe.

With SXSW on a seemingly endless growth curve, standing out as a marketer is becoming more and more difficult. This year many large brands erected monstrous structures, took over restaurants, built large stand-alone branded structures and hosted concerts with major artists. But what's a small app developer to do amidst marketing giants?

As we made our way from some panel to another...or maybe it was one party to another...we don't all blurs together...we stumbled upon a minivan that looked like it had a boot applied to one of its wheels. On closer inspection, it turned out the boot was just a cardboard placard affixed to the tire and was promoting an app called ParkMe.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-14-12    
Topic: Guerilla, Industry Events

Samsung's SSD Angels Fix Broken Relationships


To tout the amazing speed of the apparently blazing fast Samsung solid state hard drives, the crew from The Viral Factory hit the streets in search of laptop owners. They offered to replace a person's hard drive so they could experience the speed of Samsung's solid state drive. Four "SSD Angels" in an old ambulance approached random people on the street to fix the "broken relationship" people have with their laptop.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-21-12    
Topic: Guerilla

Anna Wintour, Victoria Beckham Cause Grand Central Commotion


And now we know what all the commotion was this morning in Grand Central station. Fashion's biggest names (and former Brits), including Victoria Beckham, Anna Wintour, Hamish Bowles, Tamara Mellon, models Karen Elson and Jourdan Dunn, Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig of Marchesa, and David Neville and Marcus Wainwright of Rag & Bone, were standing on the subway platform. They were there with British Ambassador Sir Peter Westmaccott to hype Britain's GREAT campaign, an effort make the rest of the world understand England is still cool even if it's now just a tiny island in the North Atlantic.

by Steve Hall    Feb-16-12    
Topic: Guerilla

Travel Company 'Santa' Delivers Presents Mid-Flight


With a strange and twisted B2B-ish guerrilla campaign, Travel Booster, a software solution for airlines, travel agents and tour operators, has launched More Than Just A Flight. The campaign features a fake travel company and a fake CEO of that company.

This fake CEO is seriously strange ("we're the Chuck Norris of traveling") but the campaign puts him on a flight where he changes into a Santa Claus and gives passengers presents. It's all an allegory for Travel Booster which can provide airlines and other travel businesses to sell more than what's just their main line of business.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-15-12    
Topic: Guerilla

Tropicana's Sun Illuminates Trafalgar Square


Tropicana continues their Brighter Mornings campaign with a man made sun installation this morning in Trafalgar Square. At 6AM - one hour prior to natural sunrise - the man made sun began to rise. It will stay lit until 7:33PM this evening as well giving Londoners and extra three hours of daylight.

Created by Greyworld and taking over six months to create, the manufactured sun is 30,000 times bigger than a football, has a surface area of 200m2 and weighs over 2,500kgs. Its internal light source produces the equivalent of 60,000 lightbulbs, 4-million lumens of light.

Still it's no match for the actual sun but who doesn't love a little extra light now and then? Especially in Winter when it's so dark all the time. Check out the video of this morning's illumination and a "making of" video.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-23-12    
Topic: Guerilla

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