Coke Takes Happiness Machine on the Road


First Coke's Happiness Machine was just virtual and existed only within the creativity of the brand's television commercials. Then, it took on physical form as a vending machine that would dispense everything from a simple soda to a ten foot long sub sandwich.

Now, the Coke Happiness Machine has become fully mobile in the form of a truck that dispenses everything from the ubiquitous Coke bottle to soccer balls to t-shirts all the way up to a full sized surf board to residents of Rio De Janeiro.

We like the continued effort which comes courtesy of Definition6.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-21-11    
Topic: Brands, Guerilla, Outdoor

Heineken Hotties Hug Facebook Fans


To thank the brand's fans for Liking it one million times on Facebook, Heineken sent out an army of women to hug beer drinkers in Amsterdam bars. The effort is understated and leaves the T&A at home. Which, for a beer, is a welcome change. And, besides, who doesn't love a random hug from a random stranger? Well, a hot random stranger.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-17-11    
Topic: Guerilla

Stealth Cam Catches Reactions to Haircuts


Leveraging the notion that when people get a new haircut or hairstyle and it looks good people will compliment them on it, Colle+McVoy created a candid camera-ish style campaign. Those who just had their hair cut were outfitted with the Cost Cutters Compliment Cam prior to a meetup with their friend or relative.

The outcome is pretty straightforward. The hair is loved. We just wonder what happened to all the video where the friend or relative exclaimed, "WTF did you do to your hair?"

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by Steve Hall    Feb-10-11    
Topic: Guerilla

Newsflash! Creatives to Develop Campaign in 24 Hours!


Once again, a couple of creatives are going to lock themselves in a room and...wait for it...COME UP WITH A BRAND CAMPAIGN IN 24 HOURS! Good God, this is a seriously off the wall, progressive stunt, the likes of which we have never before seen. We simply can't wait for the outcome. The suspense is killing us. KILLING US we say!

Well who's to say this is the stupidest, most overdone idea ever? You never know. Some brand could, as the pair claim, become a household name over night. We aren't holding our breath but it could be fun to watch. If they actually told us how we could do so.

by Steve Hall    Jan-17-11    
Topic: Guerilla

Crashvertising the New Assvertising


Crashvertise, a new form of advertising form KOOK Artgency, aims to leverage the prominence of car crashes as an advertising medium. Complete with facts and figures on where and when the biggest car crashes occur, Crashvertise offers "an all new guerrilla marketing trend by which 'the crash is the message.'"

How it works:

Whenever a road accident happens a Crashvertise Team is sent immediately on the spot. The crash scene is set-up and animated to spread the brand message in different ways:

- The Craschvertise Team hit the streets showing the campaign on large scale posters and giving away safety vests with your brand to all the people involved in the road accidents.

- A special warning triangle with your brand message is located
near the cars.

- Gadgets or other advertising stuff are given away to people in the area.

Yes, it's totally stupid (and fake) but they did put in quite a bit of effort to flesh the proposition out. It's not assvertising but it's equally as odd.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-14-10    
Topic: Guerilla

Portman Poses, Business Socializes, Low Carb Homophobia


- Natalie Portman is the new face for Dior Chérie fragrance and will appear in a series of print ads shot by Tim Walker and a TV campaign by Sofia Coppola in March 2011.

- In 2011 80% of US businesses with 100+ employees will use social media marketing, up 42% from 2008.

- Daffy's does AssCrackVertising.

- A New Zealand ad campaign has raised the ire of people after suggesting low-carb beer is only for homosexuals.

- In most places bras are sold by having models wear them while prancing around as if they want to have sex with you. In Taiwan, they just hang them on a Christmas tree.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-10-10    
Topic: Agencies, Celebrity, Guerilla, Racy, Research

Improv Pianist Serenades Gatwick Travelers for T-Mobile


Some have, incorrectly, labeled this latest T-Mobile airport marketing stunt a flashmob. It's not. It's guerrilla marketing in it's finest form. What better way to break up the monotony of airport life than by placing a big, pink grand piano in a Gatwick terminal and getting Chatroulette piano dude Merton to perform custom vocals for passersby?

Yes, it does seem T-Mobile has a thing for marketing in airports and pubic spaces. They've done it before at Heathrow and they've done it before at Liverpool Station.

While the pink piano scream T-Mobile branding, Merton offers up humorous, enjoyable entertainment for weary travelers. A perfect combination.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-29-10    
Topic: Guerilla

Triumph Bra and Miniskirt Welcome Visitors to Japan


Well we haven't heard from Triumph in a while. No, not the motorcycle maker, the Japanese lingerie maker. You may remember some of the their marketing stunts such as the Ass Off which aimed to discover Japan's best but. Or the marketing of a bra that carried a quit smoking message. Or their introduction of bravertising in the form of a Hanshin Tigers Bra which honored the Japanese baseball team.

Now the brand is out with a bra designed to introduce tourists to Japan,. Yes, only the Japanese can come up with ideas like this. The bra - which is really a bustier - carries images of six Japanese landmarks including Mt. Fuji and the Asakusa district. And upon pushing one of three buttons on the bustier, a message will play, saying, "Welcome to Japan," in English, Chinese or Korean.

But wait, there's more! If a hot Japanese chick is going to walk around in this bustier and allow total strangers to press buttons atop her boobs, she might as well have a matching miniskirt she can flip up to show horny tourists a map of Japan.

Yes. Only from Triumph. Only in Japan.

by Steve Hall    Nov-11-10    
Topic: Guerilla, Strange

Scarlett Flaunts, Winberg Taunts, Fashion Brand Haunts


- Scarlett Johannson gets all sexy for Mango's Winter 2011 ad campaign.

- Three months prior to the broadcast, Fox has sold out all of its Super Bowl commercial inventory. It's the earliest sellout in recent memory.

- Caroline Winberg is looking very hot in the new Blanco Lingerie Fall 2010 ad campaign.

- Yawn. T-Mobile does flash mob. Oh, but there's a difference!

- Tia Maria has unveiled a new global advertising campaign called "Get Behind the Mask", which breaks November 1.

- Dutch fashion brand Suit Supply gets racy with their Winter campaign titled "Shameless."

- Michael Kors debuts Fall Winter fashion campaign.

- Adam Ben Ezra has done an all-bass version of AMC's Mad Men opening credits song.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 1-10    
Topic: Celebrity, Guerilla, Racy

Get A Woman to Go at Your Local Mall


It's not the first time we've seen woman placed on sale to call attention to a cause. PETA has done it and so have others. To call attention to human trafficking, Israeli agency Shalmor Avnon Amichay created a mall installation for The Task Force of Human Trafficking with actual human women sitting inside. Each woman was accompanied by a tag which listed her name, weight, height and measurements.

With near 2 million people involved, mostly women and girls, human trafficking is the second biggest organized crime in the world.

by Steve Hall    Oct-31-10    
Topic: Guerilla

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