VW Polo Promoted With Ice Sculpture


In an intriguing street marketing stunt, a giant ice sculpture (or ice covered frame) of a VW Polo was placed in a street in London to, seemingly, promote the power of its air conditioning. Not unlike how the Suicide Bomber stunt promoted (un-officially, of course) the vehicle's toughness

by Steve Hall    May-19-05    
Topic: Guerilla

Publicity Stunt Ends in Death


An un-named Norwegian clothing brand apparently hired a man to parachute off the Eiffel Tower for a publicity stunt. Unfortunately, the man's parachute somehow got caught and he plunged to his death. We're quite confident in saying this wasn't quite the publicity for which the marketer was hoping. AP news reports "the man, 31, entered the tower with a hidden parachute and a helmet that had a small video camera attached to it, an official at Paris' police headquarters said on condition of anonymity."

by Steve Hall    May-17-05    
Topic: Guerilla

Street Sweat Box Promotes Degree Deodorant


Yesterday, Mario Marsicano stumbled upon a street promotion at Park and 53rd in New York City, part of a larger Degree In-Action Heroes promotion which involves the use of action heroes who do good because they, well, use Degree deodorant. The street promotion was a "live" version of the "Suck Up" In-Action Hero who, as the name implies, sucks up to his boss.

Because the man in the In-Action Hero booth is an actual human being, Marsicano wondered what would drive a person to sign up for this thankless job. Well, there's money, of course. But, maybe he just needed a lifetime supply of deodorant. He'll certainly need it standing in that box.

by Steve Hall    May-17-05    
Topic: Guerilla

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