'Disabled' Mannequins Ponder the Notion of Perfection


In a moving exploration of perfection akin to recent Dove Beauty work, German agency Jung Von Matt/Limmat, working with fashion stores WE Fashion, modissa, PKZ, Schild and Bernies in Zurich, crafted a campaign that urged people to think about the definition of perfect.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-13    
Topic: Guerilla

Ice Cream Brand Lubricates Bar Scene Hook Ups


It's a forgone conclusion a nightclub is one of the more unlikely places to meet the love of your life. One night stands? Sure. Life long relationships? Less likely. But that sure doesn't stop everyone from trying. But wouldn't it be nice if there were something to help break the ice and start things off a bit smoother than the proverbial, "Can I buy you a drink?" or "What's your number?"

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by Steve Hall    Nov-25-13    
Topic: Guerilla

Real Student Hides in College Recruitment Kiosk Delivering A Milder Version of Prankvertising


OK so this isn't quite prankvertising. Well, maybe it is but it's far more mild than what we've seen recently. And that's actually rather welcoming. This particular piece of work for Canada's Royal Roads University is less about scaring people and more about giving them the information they need in a way that's a bit more human than most marketing efforts.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-21-13    
Topic: Guerilla

Deliberately Lost Passport Lands Job Seeking Creative Four Interviews


So there was that thing where this creative got a job by taking advantage of the fact creative directors Google themselves. Now there's this other thing where this creative deliberately lost her passport in order to land a job in New York.

Miruna Marci created 20 copies of her passport designed to looked just like a real passport but, instead, were crafted to function as her portfolio which she calls her "passfolio." In the passports were her resume, her work and her bio. Marci dropped the passfolios in front of her favorite agencies in New York. So far, she's landed four interviews.

Not bad. Not bad at all, Miruna

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by Steve Hall    Nov-20-13    
Topic: Guerilla

Crazed Chucky Chases People With Knife in Latest Prankvertising Stunt


It would seen not everyone is willing to heed the advice of john St. which a couple of weeks ago released exFEARiential, a prank on the latest advertising trend, prankvertising. Just this past weekend, a Brazilian TV stunt/promotion for the movie Curse of Chucky had a guy dressed like Chucky crash out of the glass-encased bus shelter ad and chase people down the sidewalk while wielding a knife.

It's pretty much the same idea Thinkmodo had whenh it set that telekinetic actress loose in a New York City coffee shop to promote the movie Carrie.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-18-13    
Topic: Guerilla, Outdoor, Promotions

Benjamin Moore Haunted Hotel Stunt Ambushes Painters Prankvertising-Style


More entertainment than advertisement, this 2:44 video created by The Martin Agency for Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 paint spoofs painters by inviting them into an old abandoned hotel in Atlanta to paint a wall. The painters are welcomed by an elderly English butler type (which should have immediately tipped off the painters something was amiss) who ushers them through the hotel, past lowly-lit, decaying rooms.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-22-13    
Topic: Guerilla

Volvo Runs With the Bulls in Latest 'Live Test' Marketing Stunt


Following several previous stunts in which a hamster drove a truck ups a cliffsie road and a man allowed a truck to drive over his head, Volvo is out with its latest Live Test marketing stunt.

This time, the theme in running with the bulls. In the video, entitled The Chase, precision driver Rob Hunt maneuvers a red-painted Volvo FL distribution truck through the narrow streets of Spain's Ciudad Rodrigo while bull runners and bulls themselves follow. As the bulls run, the bull runners work hard to stay ahead and reach the fast-moving truck so they can hop on to safety.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-10-13    
Topic: Guerilla

Sony's 'Carrie'-Themed Coffee Shop Prankvertising Stunt Goes Viral


Well how about that. After all these years reporting on prankvertising stunts occurring mostly overseas because, well, we like to sue people here in America for doing shit to us, we have a bona fide, kick-ass, prankvertising stunt right in the heart of New York City.

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by Steve Hall    Oct- 8-13    
Topic: Guerilla

The Pros And Cons of Prankvertising


Prankvertising, an advertising strategy that makes its point by tricking, scaring, or "pranking" an unsuspecting person or audience, seems to be the hot thing in advertising these days. It's riding on a push from marketers who believe that content creation is the best way to get and keep a brand in front of consumers online. They may be right about content creation, but when does a prank go from good advertising to a bad joke?

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by Steve Hall    Sep-24-13    
Topic: Guerilla, Opinion

Man Arrives Home to Find House Re-Plumbed With Beer


In a stunt only true beer lovers could love, Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand teamed with a man's best friends, a group of beer technicians and a plumber to prank a man and his wife by re-plumbing their entire house with Tui beer.

When the man and his wife arrive home, they can't quite figure out what's going on when every faucet in their house is running with cold beer . Even the shower.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-23-13    
Topic: Guerilla

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