Homeless Shelter Raises Money by Offering Naming Rights to Everything in the Building


In the spirit of Thanksgiving and the holidays, McKinney has launched Names for Change, a new campaign for Urban Ministries of Durham that asks and important question; if brands are willing to pay millions of dollars for the naming rights to a sports stadium, what can a shelter in Durham raise when it sells naming rights to all of the items in the building?

Visitors to namesforchange.org can claim the naming rights to an item and customize a certificate in their own name or in honor of someone else. From toilets to teddy bears to tomato sauce, it's all to help more people get from homelessness into homes of their own.

by Steve Hall    Nov-26-13    
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UN Women's Google Autocomplete Campaign Gets Positive Spin


By now you've all seen the UN Women campaign that used Google Search's autocomplete feature to indicate how pervasive discrimination against women is in the world. Actual Google searches for "women should" were auto-completed with "stay at home," "be slaves," "be in the kitchen" and "not speak in church." Searches that began with "women shouldn't" were auto-completed with "have rights," "vote," "work" and "box."

One woman, Nicole D'Alonzo who runs Tastedaily, decided to turn the tables on that campaign and give it a more positive spin. D'Alonzo re-imagined the ad with her likeness and re-written copy. The ad now begins with "women will" and auto-completes with "empower women," "take credit for their wins," "lead more companies" and "be president."

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by Steve Hall    Oct-22-13    
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School Prank Turned Into Awareness of Teen Pregnancy in Developing Nations


Think back for a minute to the days when you were in junior or senior high. What would you have thought or said (or what did you actually think or say) if a new girl who was pregnant joined your school? Did you relate to her differently than you would have had she not been pregnant? Did you have a clear understanding of her situation?

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by Steve Hall    Oct-10-13    
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PSY, LMFAO, MIA Perform Sans Music for Anti-Piracy Campaign


Here's a really strange -- but intriguingly unique -- campaign from Madrid-based Lola/Lowe and Partners for Kiss TV which aims to take on music piracy. Three videos feature songs performed without music by PSY, MIA and LMFAO. The three music videos end with the tagline, "If you take out the music, you take out their meaning."

Will they be as popular as the originals?

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by Steve Hall    Sep-23-13    
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New Campaign Says New Zealand's Army Has Purpose


Wait, New Zealand has an army? OK, kidding. Of course they do. Even tiny islands in the Southwestern Pacific need defensive forces. And to make sure everyone knows that, Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand is out with a campaign for the New Zealand Defense Force entitled "Purpose Built."

The creative, which aims to inform the public the armed forces are much more than combat, centers on the notion that joining the army is less about obligation and more about caring and purpose.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-16-13    
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Chipotle Hits Home Run Again With Darkly Dystopian Processed Food Statement


Darkly dystopian yet magically hopeful, this CAA Marketing/Moonbot Studious-created three minute animated film, "The Scarecrow," flips things on its head and tells the story of an out-of-work, disintermediated scarecrow who goes to work for a bunch of crows running a processed foods factory called Crow Foods.

In this bleak, barren new world, our scarecrow gets a peek inside the Crow factory at chickens pumped with hormones and cows kept in boxes. The experience, for both the scarecrow and the viewer, is depressing and hits all too close to home. It's no secret much of what we eat can barely be called food any longer but Chipotle, which two years ago delighted us with it award-winning "Back to the Start," aims to change all that.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-12-13    
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Robert De Niro Asks Us to Remember 9/11


In an effort to get people to pause and reflect on the tragic losses of September 11, 2001, BBDO New York has created a video for the National September 11 Memorial Museum. In the video, 9/11 Memorial Board Member Robert De Niro asks people "to pause, to reflect, to explore, to learn and to honor the best in humanity."

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by Steve Hall    Sep-11-13    
Topic: Cause, Celebrity

If Farmers Farmed Like Fisherman Fish


World Wildlife Foundation in Canada is out with a john st.-created video, part of the organization's Sustainable Seafood campaign, that asks the question, "We don't farm like this. Why do you fish like this?"

In the animated video, we see a catch-all net of sorts collecting a huge pile of animals, trees, earth and whatever else gets caught in the net. It's meant to be a metaphor for unsustainable fishing practices that, while more efficient, catch much more than they should.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-11-13    
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What is 'Social Good' And How Can Brands Benefit?


What do we mean and understand by the term "social good"? This is the first question brands must ask themselves before incorporating social good into their business model. It is not a homogenous and neatly defined entity. Rather, social good is an umbrella term that incorporates many business practices, effects and outcomes.

Because social good is a fluid and evolving concept, it is up to each startup to set their own definition of "social" and "good." If you don't have parameters for social good, you can't thoughtfully incorporate it into your business model.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-10-13    
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Boston Jeweler Launches LGBT Campaign


Boston-based Long's jeweler has launched a new marriage-themed ad campaign targeting the LGBT community. The jeweler is using local couples for the ads. One ad features two women and the headline, "Let's Both Wear White to the Wedding." Another ad featurtes two guys and the headline, "Can Both Our Mothers Walk Us Down the Aisle?"

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by Steve Hall    Sep-10-13    
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