You Will Definitely Find A Better Hiding Place For Your Sex Toys After Watching This Gun Safety Ad


Latching onto the notion children do not respect boundaries or privacy when it comes to snooping around the house for fun items to play with, this gun safety ad from Evolve features two mothers talking to one another while their children run around the house and play.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-26-14    
Topic: Cause, Racy

In the Name of Futbol, Adriana Lima Reduces Men to Puddles of Slack-Jawed Helplessness


No sooner had we shared our lament over the fact Carl's Jr. and Hardee's had seemingly abandoned their sex sells approach, we see Kia is unapologetically illustrating the awesome power a hot woman holds over a man, or in this case, sports fans who think there are actually sports other than soccer worth watching during World Cup month.

In three David&Goliath-created spots, Adriana Lima (and her endless legs and come-hither smirk) turns men into slack-jawed putty which she then molds into World Club fans by cooing, "In my country, this is football."

Like lemmings off a cliff, every guy is more than happy to become a soccer fan for a month. And why not? What wouldn't you do for a supermodel in a little black dress?

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 9-14    
Topic: Racy

Jeannie Mai Has Sex With Her Mascara


"Oh yea. Don't be afraid, baby. It's just me Better than sex. All I want is to give you the longest, thickest, most luscious lashes of your life. Think you can handle that? OK, baby. Dip my wand and let me get to work."

Yea. That.


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by Steve Hall    Jun- 4-14    
Topic: Racy

Sexy Breast Feeding Campaign Slammed As 'Too Sexy' by Sexy Model in the Sexy Ad


So there's a pro-breastfeeding ad campaign in Mexico that's got people's panties in a bunch. And rightfully so. According to the campaign, the only people who breastfeed in Mexico and light-skinned hotties with perfect figures without an ounce of fat on their bodies.

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by Steve Hall    May-27-14    
Topic: Racy

Because Bouncing Boobs And Benefit Cosmetics Eyeliner Are Must-Haves When Getting Arrested For Stealing Diamonds


So what's a girl to do when she's running from the cops, drops her stash of diamonds, gets arrested, get placed in a cop car to be hauled off to the police station to be arrested and have a mug shot taken? Stealthily slip out of her handcuffs while seated in the back of the cruiser so you can apply eye liner so you look great for that mug shot.

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by Steve Hall    May-15-14    
Topic: Racy

Even A Disrobing Table-Dancing Hottie Can't Distract This Guy From His Studies


In this Dutch ad for Vifit, a health drink that apparently helps keep you focused, a college girl does her best to distract a guy from his studies. But since he's drinking the magical Vifit, even a hot girl who strips down to her underwear and does a dance routine on the table right in front of him can't sway this guy from concentrating on his studies. Via.

We haven't seen ad ad this blatantly sexual in a very long time. Thank you, Vifit.

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by Steve Hall    May-13-14    
Topic: Racy

Nicki Minaj Removes Her Clown Make Up And Bares Bootylicious Curves For Wine Shoot


Last we saw Nicki Minaj, at least in the ad world, she was in psychedelic Pepsi commercial in which a guy and a girl somehow teleport to one of her concerts. This week, she's back in a new campaign promoting her own brand of wine, Myx Fusions Moscato. And you'd hardly know it was her without all that cartoonish makeup she usually wears.

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by Steve Hall    May-12-14    
Topic: Celebrity, Racy

Maybe the Pleated Plaid Miniskirt Isn't the Sexiest Thing A Woman Can Wear


Hmm. And we thought the pleated plaid miniskirt was the hottest thing a woman could wear. After watching this DB Latina Puerto Rico-created Axe ad, we may have to reconsider.

We've watched the ad twice and we're still not sure what they're selling. Deodorant insurance? Who knows. From the moment a woman dressed in a short black miniskirt and high heels struts into view and says something along the lines on, "In the game of love, there are times of war," our focus was, shall we say, distracted.

So do us a favor. Give the ad a watch and let us know what they're really selling.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-21-14    
Topic: Racy

Sexy Asian Dancers Shake Booties to Change Perception of Classical Music


Classical music gets a bum rap these days. It's perceived as the thing only your grandparents listen to yet its the backbone to almost every great move ever made. B-Classic, a Belgian music festival which promotes classical music is out with a new video that asks us to envision classical music differently.

We all know a great video can vastly increase the appeal of a piece of music. MTV knew that and built a business on it. Now that's YouTube's job. But we digress.

Check out this video in which cheerleaders and hot pants-clad hotties shake their booties to Dvorak's Symphony No. 9 Allegro con fuoco as if they were in a hip hop video.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-17-14    
Topic: Racy

On Chatroulette, This Girl Gets These Masturbating Guys to Check Their Balls For Cancer


Well now at least we know Chatroulette is still thing. Who knew? We can thank Spanish ad agency VCCP for reminding us with a testicular cancer awareness campaign which made use of the chat services primary feature; guys who have no problem self-pleasuring themselves on camera.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-14-14    
Topic: Cause, Racy

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