Leaky Tampon Causes Shark Attack


OK, right up front let's be clear -- this is not a real ad. However, the message it sends -- sharks are attracted to blood -- is well demonstrated. The "ad" appears in the very rotten film Movie 43 and is for Tampax. It urges woman to make sure their tampons don't leatkso, ya know, they don't get sniffed out by a giant shark that will tear you a part with spooftastic, Jaws-style hilarity.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-20-13    
Topic: Racy, Spoofs, Strange

John McAfee Goes Ballistic in Super Strange, Brand-Trashing Video


We'd venture it's a sure bet the brand McAfee is none too pleased with a recent video released by founder John McAfee in which he trashes the software he created because the people who have run the company without him for the last 15 years have "fucked it up."

In the video, he hilariously reads profanity-laden emails he says he still receives even though he is no longer associated with the company.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-19-13    
Topic: Brands, Racy, Strange, Video

Public Self-Gratification Not What It Seems In 'Awkward Shake' Ad


In yet another idiotic use of the jack off meme, a video entitled Awkward Shakes treats us to several awkward moment of guys polishing their knob in situations where polishing the knob would normally be taboo. Except, of course, they're not polishing their knobs? All their doing is shaking their protein shake.

Where have we seen this before? Aside from everywhere, who can forget the famed Shake Weight?

Hmm. maybe this is like a fart. No matter how many time you hear one, it's still funny.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-18-13    
Topic: Racy

Chevy Reduces Women to Color-Obsessed Shopoholics


Because, after all, we know fashion conscious women always choose their vehicle for its color and not its performance. And they obviously don't know how to drive right either. And all they like to do all day long is shop. And eat chocolate. But if we are being shallow and choosing, I'll take the leggy brunette in the pleated miniskirt.

The ad comes to us courtesy of Commonwealth. It was shot by Angus Wall and produced by Elastic

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 4-13    
Topic: Commercials, Racy

Hot Surfer Girl Attacked by Plastic Sea Monster


Working with Surfrider Fundation, Australia's Arnold Furnace has created a campaign to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the world's oceans. The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of waves and beaches.

The ads themselves are beautiful surfer shots married with shots of actual trash.

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 4-13    
Topic: Cause, Racy

Does Objectifying Women For A Good Cause Make It OK?


Three models, Olcay Gulsen, Tess Milne and Anna Nooshin have lent their gams and bootys to Stop Aids Now for a campaign created by Achtung!

On a site which is painfully slow to load, you can admire these three women's legs from high-heeled feet to mini-skirted ass. It's all about...ahem...raising awareness of women in Africa affected by HIV. The deal is you stare -- because staring is caring -- until you are so tantalized that you can't take it any longer and you whip out your -- no, not that -- wallet to buy the skirt the three ladies are wearing, proceeds of which go to the cause.

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by Steve Hall    May-30-13    
Topic: Cause, Racy

See This Clio-Winning CGI Orgasm


Platige Image is very pleased with it recent Silver CLIO win for CD Projekt RED's Cyberpunk 2077. As they should be. It's an epically orgasmic imagining of the new game which will be released in September.

The silver CLIO is the latest coup for Warsaw based creative shop, which recently opened a new branch in New York. Of the win, New Yotk Managing Director Julian Cdae gushed, "This CLIO is a testament to the skill set that defines Platige Image's team, especially with such fierce competition from the best studios out there. We are revved up to serve the US market with similar projects built with our ingenuity, technical innovation and competitive rates covering all aspects of postproduction."

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by Steve Hall    May-29-13    
Topic: Racy, Video

Club Orange's Ultimate Wingman' Eradicates Clingy Ex-Girlfriends


Ah yes. Just what we all need. The ultimate wingman. Born amongst a bevy of orange-picking beauties, this mustachioed master of wingmanliness will help you "unlock the best bits in life." Like delivering a satellite dish and a couple of hotties to an old dude and helping guys deal with clingy ex-girlfriends.

Club Orange is very well know for its use of less than fully clothed women in its ads. While this one employs the strategy, it's quite a bit more tame that the ad they ran in 2012 which was chock full of innuendo and bikini-clad babes talking about their "bits."

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by Steve Hall    May-29-13    
Topic: Racy

Fake Energy Drink Promotes Ibiza Nightclub Party


When you first begin watching this promotional video for Matinee, an epic party held at famed Ibiza nightclub Amnesia, you aren't really quite sure what's happening. At first, it appears you are watching a video game promo. Then it appears you are watching an ad for the energy drink, Ibizious. Then, when the scene zooms out and you realize everything you have just seen occurred inside the shorts of some hot chick, you just toss your hands up and go along for the ride.

Once you're outside the hot chick's pants, the whole things becomes an epic ode to the 90's complete with Thriller's zombie dancers, guys in muscle shirts, girls in high waisted shorts, all fueled by pulse pounding electronica.

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by Steve Hall    May-28-13    
Topic: Racy, Video

Axe-Coiffed Hair Turns Women Into Puddles of Submission


Really, guys. All it take is well-coiffed hair to zombify any woman into submission, make her forget whatever it was she was doing and stare longingly into your eyes and await your command. No, seriously. Axe says so so it must be true! Advertising never lies, right?

Of course, what these four BBH London-created commercials really wants to get across is that guys can't keep their hands out of their hair when in the presence of a hot woman. While that may be true, it would be ever so awesome if women actually did turn into submissive zombies when us guys coiffed our hair with Axe. Because if it was true, guys might actually use the product!

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by Steve Hall    May-20-13    
Topic: Racy

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